About Me

Hi, my name is Cin and I'm the baker and photographer behind this blog. I started this blog as a  medium to express my passion for baking, and later on food photography. I am not trained professionally in both, as a matter of fact, this blog has become my medium of learning too. I love both Western and Eastern food, sometimes more of the other. My food mood changes daily, but when I crave something, I can usually go eat the same thing days in a row but then the craving stop and move on to the next thing.

For me, It all started years ago with a passion of eating sweets and delectable food. Selection of pastries, cakes, and chocolates with each and every aromas were always attractive. Various collection of dessert books had always been evidence of my hobby. Eventually, I started learning how to bake. I started with burnt-off cakes and cookies, and have improved a lot over the time. Now, thank goodness for technology, internet is my learning best friend. My hope is someday I can go into more complicated and yet delicious desserts.