Wednesday, July 7, 2010 Wishes Cupcakes

It's funny how language meaning can be interpreted by many words, and one word can mean different things. I've seen and experienced misunderstanding just because somebody say or interpreted words that sometimes they don't even mean it. Not to mention, translating words into different language that might not have the exact translation.

Like the word "Farewell" for example. It comes with the thought of someone's departure. The feeling of sadness, emptiness, and gloominess. Best Wishes, or Best of Luck, however, are often used to describe the positive side of farewell. We would really wish the best for them by leaving us.I'm sure that is what on Sylvia's mind when she ordered this cupcakes set for 3 of her work team.
She specifically requested little things on the cupcakes such as : coffee (because ivonne likes to drink coffee), dollars, stock reports and bank vault because they work in bank *doohhh...* and what's a bank without calculator to count all those dollars and pens to write all those checks? he..he..So here they are, i hope you all enjoy them.

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