Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pen & Yong Chun Birthday Cake

Recently I was invited to a small reunion of some of best friends in high school. The plan was to meet in the reunion, but who knows that reunion happened to be the exact birthday of our friend too. So, that reunion turned out to be a small birthday lunch. A couple friends asked me to do a cake for his birthday as our gift and there were two things that she specifically mentioned over and over again to be on the cake : Pen and Wooden Dummy.

Why pen? Because he works at pen-producing company. Ok, no problem. Now, i don't know if you are familiar with a type of martial art originated from China, Yong Chun or more familiar with name Wing Chun. The name was said to be originated from a girl, Yim Wing Chung, who was taught this martial art to defend herself from a force-marriage by a local warlord. (Don't you just love Wikipedia? ^^)

Anyway, long story short, my friend wanted a Wing Chun mu ren zhuang, or usually called Wooden Dummy. If you have watched IP Man movie, you'll understand more but for me, somebody need to say Kung Fu Panda first, then i can say "AAahhhh....ok, i got it" Ha..Ha..I'm sure if you're a fan of Jacky Chan, you'll see this on some of his movie, so here is my creation for her request:

Happy Birthday Dy, hope you like the cake, and for everyone, thanks for believe in me and it's so good to see you all again.

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