Monday, August 9, 2010

Red Velvet Cake & Cupcake Review

I don't really know what is it exactly that l like about red velvet. For some reason, I am always attracted to the radiant of its color, what ever the shape it comes, thus..the name of this blog. They are always so appealing. So when I was a local bakery and buying breads, I saw that they carried red velvet cakes, yaay!! You see, here I seldom see bakeries nor coffee shops carry red velvet cakes or cupcakes for that matter. So, I definitely bought that red velvet cake (plus they were already calling me :)) despite the price of Rp. 20,000 (about $2.20) per piece that they charged for that one little piece of cake, which made me all more curious. Is it really thattt good? Anyway, here is the picture of the cake :

The Verdict : It is thaaaattt goood!! I know that the picture doesn't do its justice, but you just have to believe me. The color is that exact red color that I like (some RV cake turns out to be dark red which is not really my preference). What I really like about this cake is they have chopped up walnut in its filling (I'm a nut lover), so it feels crunchy, in addition to that, the cream cheese frosting have, what i think, to be coarse sugar? because once your teeth sinking into it, you can feel little bit or crunchiness. It's hard to explain but how is that for an idea? I can only think one weakness of this cake: no chocolate flavor, but i guess that is how they get that bright red color.

On another occasion, i got a chance to eat @ this restaurant in Plaza Indonesia, a local upscale shopping mall famous for it's world-known brand like Louis Vuittton, Hermes, Gucci, etc. The restaurant itself serves mostly western food, famous for its thin & crispy crepes. It always packed with people looking to grab a bite or just simply hang out. They serves excellent fresh lemonade too while you are waiting to get a seat. Don't they just generous? ^^ Anyway, after our dinner, I always looking for a chance to try out new desserts and when I was looking their display, I just this lovely Red Velvet cupcakes. Of course, at that instant, other cakes and desserts were invisible to my eyes and I immediately ordered one to go. Here is the picture :

The verdict: For a shocking price of Rp. 40 or 50 thousand (I forgot how much is exactly), I feel that it worth a little off the price. Sure the cupcake was moist and all, but that was all about it. I would've expect more flavor or variance out of it, but i was wrong. The frosting was okay, the shape was cute and attractive, but no cheese flavor or any other flavor other than sweet and if you eat the strawberry on top, maybe a little bit sour. One thing that i like about this cupcake is the exact red color, and perhaps the shape of the frosting. But if you are in the vicinity, i think this cake will do good for a dessert, just don't expect many flavor out of it.

So that's all my review for red velvet cake&cupcake this time, folks. In the meantime, I will continue my search for more delicious red velvet I can get my hands on. Enjoy!

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