Saturday, June 5, 2010

2 weeks till the wedding

Google is my best friend after all. I didn't know that the english word for "Sangjit" is "The Betrothal" or "Espousal" until Google worked it hard-working super-brain to find it for me in say..0.18 secs. Isn't it amazing?. For those who unfamiliar with the Chinese tradition, it's basically a formal engagement to be married, or should i say contract signage (He..He..).

There is usually food (lots of them) involved so for this occasion, i decided to present the groom and bride with a little pre-wedding or betrothal or espousal (or whatever you call them) gift : Bride and Groom Cupcakes.

Leo came up with the idea of the groom got down on one knee and hold the flower, and it turned out fine! So thank you babe.

The bride and groom centrepieces are surrounded with cupcakes with pink bows, just for those people who likes their cupcakes sweet but not too sweet ..and almond covered cupcakes just for those nut lovers.

Anyway, everything went smoothly, and people went home with grins on their faces, i'd like to think it's from the cupcakes but oh long as all ends well.

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