Sunday, June 20, 2010

Best Wishes Cupcake

People always say, life goes on, but I'm sure a lot of people had experience this once some time in their life, whether it's one's career, relationship, cultures, etc. It's the moment when you feel like you are walking on a treadmill. No matter how many kilometers you walk, it doesn't feel moving forward. So in that case, what should you do? Maybe it's the time to take a detour, away from the treadmill (cause we all know treadmill doesn't move forward at all) and perhaps then, we can start experiencing life outside of the box.
Enough of my rambling, so let's get down to, what else, cakes..Yum..So, A friend of my sister liked the cupcakes that i did for my sister's wedding. So when she decided to resign from her job, my sister asked me to bake her cupcakes.
Her favorite color is black, so black it is (combined with pink off course, afterall, who would want to eat black covered cupcakes?)

From what i hear, she really loved the cupcakes and would love to order more. Thank youuu and I'll sure be waiting for your order...^^

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